German shepherds attack man in Casablanca

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Nice doggie….


kevin -tupac says:

That’s why happens when you chuck bricks at innocent dogs

Zadeify says:

What’s happening? People acting like a fucking apes.

gorgurus says:

the only disturbing thing about this video is that the owner is forced to kick his own dogs away from that fucking ape. He so asking for it.

ZackSpaghetti says:

*8 Kill Streak* Reznov; UNLEASH THE DOGS!!

Sizqomx5 says:

That guy deserves it

ChueyMtz1986 says:

Poor dogs… I bet that ape tasted nasty!

jay pax says:

that’s a fuckin big german sheperds.. i wonder if they were pitbulls? he’ll be dismembered most likely…


Dude shouldn’t of kicked the dogs off. I would have been kicking that fuckwit while they destroyed him

Elle Jay says:

what do we learn from this? don’t fk with a german shepherd!

liammcmullen77 says:

hahahahs yasssssss fuking ape deserved that for harrasing the dogs he b scared of them for the rest ov his life

butterfacemegee says:

Love how he try to do bruce lee crap just before the german shepherd gets him haha ha ha love this

TheWarloghe says:

The title is wrong.
Should say man throws brick at GSD and gets bit. Those dogs could have done much worse.

I would not have kicked my dogs for attacking someone that threw a brick at them.

Djinnhydra says:

If this were me in this situation, I’d let my dogs have the sorry bastard that threw bricks at them. I wouldn’t care what happened to him because honestly, he’s not important to me if he’s assholish enough to do something like that. I wished these dogs would’ve done more to the prick.. He’s lucky to still be able to walk…

sicario735lupus says:

Hahaha good dogs did the right thing :)

braeheadmadsquad says:

Wish they killed him. That would be funnier. That’s my girl lol

James Payne says:

Watched this with my Shepherd a few times over the weekend. Smiled all the way through. Guy squealed like a bitch. Brilliant.

thebroadenthusiast says:

It’s so sad because if this happened in the U.S, the owner would be persecuted, even though the dogs are defending themselves because they feel threatened.

Tatyana Gonzales says:

Why did the guy kick the dog! The bold guy was a fucking LOSER, if i were the owner of those dogs, i would walk around a few munites while my dogs are killing the guy that keeps throwing thing at my dogs

Lashawn Bell says:

That’s what he get lol

Oliver4297 says:

ya and then ur dogs get killed whats the point of that

Trenaur says:

This video pleases me.

Jon Veloso says:

What is the full story? Pls tell me.

Adnane Toujni says:

its about a man want a cage for he’s birds the sailer is abad guy he the one got biting bu the 2 dogs ”problem about the price” bad words then it turn’s out to a fight the man brought the dogs to defend him ….

Adnane Toujni says:

the oner of the 2 dogs is out of morocco now :)

Exzear TheNorseGamer says:

man gets what he deserved.. simple as that even tho it cant be nice having a GSD biting those arms.

DaNinjuh says:

HAHAHAHA that pussy deserved that

BushmanKevv says:

OH my god this video is so satisfying. If I could, i would do the same to anyone that even thinks about hurting our animal brethren.

devilraineify says:

Serve him rit lorh

AceChief117 says:

German shepards are the best!!!

pengheng says:

The man who threw bricks is a Moroccan Muslim man with group supporters who were offended by the presence of two massive dogs (in islam, dogs are an abomination) and decided to attack them and their owner. Serves him right!

pengheng says:

The man who threw bricks is a Moroccan Muslim with some supporters who were provoked by the presence of dogs in the street and decided to attack them (dogs are an abomination in islam) SERVES THEM RIGHT

TheCorwin69 says:


t mi says:

You don’t know the full story? maybe the dog owner is a dick bullying the neighborhood?

pengheng says:

The dog owner ignored them and just walked on when they threw bricks at him (as you can see in the video. He also hit his own dogs and tried to pull them away quickly when they attacked the man who tried to attack him. Just from that, I can tell that the man isn’t a dick

Hawkallica says:

The dogs were probably put down after this anyways the owner should have just let them finish the job…

CNU Bear says:


CynicalRhino says:

fucker deserved it.

stephenaquigley says:


Gorgeous Che says:


idntshagsheep says:

Man’s best friend for a reason… owner shoulda let em chow down a little longer!

afazekas81 says:

What a moron! Maybe he learned not ot throwing at owners of that huge german shepherds…

Besides the shepherds are carrying him away rather easily. If the owner isn’t around…

1stcommonsense says:

Talk about crowd control!!

Pramod Sasanka says:

That stupid maniac deserves it and so unacceptable to hit the dog

ISpearedJesus says:

Bon appetit boys.

naftyloescher says:

German dogs know who has to die

SapphireDiamond19 says:

Two things:The man should have NEVER thrown any thing at the dogs that provoked the dog’s attack and number two, the owner should have had his 2nd dog on a leash to prevent it from attacking anybody so I think both are at fault

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