havanese dog and ragdoll kitten

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our havanese pretending not to be interested in her best friend, but unable to fight the temptation.


HeidiW90 says:

she’s such a sweety- just like a sheep skin rug!!!

IampureSol says:

Soo cute : ) I wonder if these are very noisy…like to they bark/wine a lot?

querty1s says:

She never barked at all for about the first year, but now she just barks when people come to the door and she doesn’t whine much either, only if she’s excited to see someone. They aren’t meant to be a very noisy breed.

IampureSol says:

thx… can this breed be left alone for at least 4hrs without it crying or barking etc….?

querty1s says:

I think 4 hrs is about the maximum time they should be left alone, but if a particular dog has seperation anxiety, they’ll whine and cry whenever they are left. When she was younger our havanese used to cry if we went out the room without her, but if you train them right, it shouldn’t be an issue.

IampureSol says:

thank you! one last question…. are havanese too needy or can they sleep in their own beds especially at night without crying/barking?

querty1s says:

yeah, mine sleeps in my room but in her own bed and stays there throughout the night with no problems. She also often chooses to sleep in her own bed downstairs when I’m in the room, but she’ll always follows me round the house. Hope this helps!

codycobourg says:

oh she is sweet,
i just got a Havanese puppy last month, and shes amazing,
i just love her, thanks for posting this, :)))

querty1s says:

Glad you like it, you’ll absolutely love having your puppy, they are so special! And even now she’s a few years old, she still acts just like a puppy! enjoy your new baby!

querty1s says:

She is indeed, but only when the thing she’s hunting is smaller than her- she can’t quite cope the same way with other dogs! Yeah, whenever she gets excited she just randomly picks things up and starts shaking them- maybe to prove how strong and brave she is? lol :)

dreyer66 says:

her face is so

isabelrosa06 says:


Macky297onCP says:


MrWoodywoodywoodywoo says:

@karg11  lol

michaelm0522 says:

My 3 year old Havanese is scared of a tiny kitten that hangs out in my backyard xD

Jelena Kolev says:

She looks exactly like my boy :) 

scir91 says:

what is a havenese? a maltese mix breed?

querty1s says:

it’s a breed that’s related to the bichon and comes from cuba.they also have some poodle in their blood lines, which makes them nearly completely hypo-allergenic. they’re not very common, particularly in the uk, which makes them even more special! :)

xbl155ful says:


SerendipitousJ says:

Does that mean the poodle in their blood makes them less or more hypoallergenic?

querty1s says:

Yes, the poodle blood line is what makes them hypo-allergenic, although even poodles can cause reactions in some cases.x

SerendipitousJ says:

Well my cousins dog is half poodle and lab, and I am allergic to it so it’s probably due to the lab aspect because they also have yorkies which I am not allergic to.

diamondsgoddess says:

Fluffy dog..!!

Tina Pham says:

the hair is very matted….brush it

StarlitMoonlight says:

It’s probably not. That Havanese looks to have the “wavy” hair gene. It’s suppose to look like that. All Havanese paws are suppose to be curly as well. :)

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