Lost Dog Dora reunited with family after seven months!

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Dora was reunited with her family at Collin County Animals Services in Mckinney, TX. Our shelter has many wonderful dogs waiting for adoption. Please check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com Collin County Animal Services 4750 Community Blvd. Collin County Justice Complex Mckinney, TX 75071 Email: animalshelter@co.collin.tx.us and ldrummonds@co.collin.tx.us (email is best, but if calling, please leave a message!) Phone: 972-547-7292 Hours of Operation Tues-Fri 9am-6pm and Sat 12pm-5pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm Monday – closed to public.


towerfmus says:

Why 42 dislikes whats wrong with you people

remi mongeon says:

what is the title of the song??

CCASAdoptable says:


thunderheart27 says:

:……D tears of joy!

James Godmason says:

So adorable. Guys can tear up too.

OwnedByAGrey says:

@macyisacat Yes! Not only can cats be chipped as well as dogs, parrots can also be chipped. :)

OwnedByAGrey says:

Dogs, cats, and parrots can be microchipped. :)

glorial756 says:

That made me cried

camjamc says:

A little mettalica in the background would turn that dog Into a badass

Rhonda537 says:

Happy Tears…

olive hamp says:

I love that dog she’s so cute. It’s so good that you and your family got reunited with your dog!! Oh I love happy endings!

WilBarn991 says:

Great video

David P says:

Damn ninja cutting onions! Where is it! But yes god damn what a vid.. Glad my wee puppy is chipped!

Sasha Yarovaya says:

I cried and I’m only 10 >.<

carole perreault says:

very happy s for both of you is touching

James Fisk says:

Thank you for sharing such a happy reunion :-D

bjohntoo says:

I was fortunate to be a the Collin County Animal Shelter adopting my dog when the reunion happened. Not a dry eye in the house. It was so touching to watch Dora as she realized that her owner was there for her. She all but crawled inside his shirt in an effort to get as close to him as possible.

zah rar says:

i teared up

Ben3ll says:

im from scotland and hope we follow england as they are making it a law that every dog owner will have to get there pet micro chipped by 2016

María Blanco says:

Warms my heart.

blustardave says:

I live in England, and i got my dog chipped when she was a puppy..it was part of the ‘puppy plan’ at my local vets (injections and chipping, etc) so glad i did..i would hate to lose her…by the way…cheers for the tears…:)

KL Mahlen says:

Such a sweet, heart-warming story. However, I have something to add to the message regarding microchips in pets….they are only good IF and WHEN a found pet is taken in to get SCANNED! We lost our precious kitty last summer (she is chipped) and we have yet to find her; however, in the many responses to our ads, posters, etc. from people who have found cats, after discovering it wasn’t our kitty, I’d ask whether or not they had taken the found cat in to get scanned. Almost all said NO. 

pulpstressjns says:

My God… that music, ugh! Otherwise, great video!!!

Nathan Quayle says:

AHHH, this is so amazing! I’m so glad you found each other again :)

Ngoc Han Nguyen says:

this moved me to tears..

lovestory952 says:

buitiful video 2 thumbs up from a aussie pet owner

Tarun Johnson says:

who’s cutting onions

b palmento says:

any update of the owner and the dog… that poor dog couldn’t make out what was going on and then I see he “pawed” his owner.. awwww That is like my beloved dog would paw on my hip that she was worried about me or happy I’m home..

CCASAdoptable says:

Our shelter volunteers have an awesome program where the volunteers contact all the people who post on craigslist or send in found reports and ask them to bring them to their local vet or closest shelter to be scanned! All animals at our shelter are scanned from head to toe! Those chips can move!! Great comment KL

CCASAdoptable says:

Check out Three Dogs Bakery in Plano, Texas on Facebook! There were some great photos of her visit there the other day!

valerie issadi says:

So cuuute!!! I love this vidéo..

Srchicodeoro says:

I would love to microchip my dog .. but the banfield hospital told me that my dog had to be registered (a dog with papers) in order to micochipped.. why des that matter .. its my dog just like everyone else’s dog

Purplerrain77 says:

my dogs are all chipped. I took them back to vet to get shots and I told the vet my little poodle mix had a bump under her armpit, she checked it out and said it was the microchip had moved. it moved from her back down to her armpit. So when they check strays I hope they check all over.

CCASAdoptable says:

Maybe you misunderstood, you have to register the chip with the microchip company. Any dog regardless of registered breed, can be microchipped!

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